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Lufthansa Cargo Looks for Green Ideas

Win a free trip to Frankfurt! And 25,000 miles for a winning green idea submitted to Lufthansa Cargo. Cleantech Chemistry hopes that those free miles would net you a seat in the passenger compartment, but the firm’s press release is not explicit. Anyway, C&EN was alerted to the contest, which you can enter RIGHT NOW or any time before December 19.

I checked out the ideas that have been submitted so far, and I note the dearth of chemistry and materials science-related suggestions. I enjoyed one about making cargo containers from carbon fiber rather than aluminum, and the comments section shows that people know a lot about carbon fiber, as do C&EN readers thanks to a recent cover story.

Go to the contest website and submit an idea. I will check back in when the winners are announced.


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  • Mar 20th 201312:03
    by Transglobal

    Lufthansa have had a 2nd challenge since this post, I think it an annual event. It’s a really good way of getting customers involved in the company and sourcing some new ideas.

  • Oct 9th 201306:10
    by Air Freight Forwarding

    I will go air freight in a dog carrier if it gets me to Tahiti and back.
    Everyone is looking to make things lighter as the cost of fuel continues to rise. Instead of air freight forwarding, let’s build sky rails across the world – far cheaper to move freight by a rail in the sky, as the weight is mostly supported by the sky bridge infrastructure rather than by constant burning of fuel. Do you think I’ll win?!

  • Oct 9th 201309:10
    by Melody Bomgardner

    I like this idea. As long as you make sure the sky rails do not interfere with the space elevator, I’m in!

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