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Washington Redskins Score 8,000 Solar Panels

I really can’t resist this little news item. File it under solar and, a new category for this blog- sports.

My hometown football team, the wonderous and often frustrating Washington Redskins will add 8,000 solar panels to their new-ish stadium. They will be working with energy firm NRG – that sounds redundant – to generate 2 MW of power from 3 different types of solar panels. They’ll include thin film and transluscent versions. The installation will also include 10 electric vehicle charging station for those Volt drivers who spurn the Metro.


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  • Jul 18th 201115:07
    by Bender

    Sad thing is, this might be the only good news the Skins have all season. But in comparison to all the horrible horrible press that surrounds Dan Snyder (ie; suing season ticket holders who lost their jobs in the recession), this sounds pretty awesome.

  • Aug 21st 201114:08
    by melvin goldstein

    There are foibles in all of us. There are even Physics Foibles. Entropy is one of them.

    Inside a warm damp cave, completely sealed off from the outside world, will life survive?

    Answer: No life forms could flourish indefinitely.

    In an isolated system, entropy always increases. Life tries to push entropy in the opposite direction. When life is created, entropy decreases in the cave but nature demands a greater entropy increase offset.

    The cave, being sealed, would mean that entropy would reach its max, thus energy necessary to sustain and generate new life would be unavailable.

    Maybe we should learn a lesson from this. Available energy is mandatory. Wealth may equate to available energy. If you want to live in a nation that is prospering, make sure that its available energy supply is abundant.

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