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Breaking News! Gulf Oil Spill: New ACS Symposium Announced

The BP oil spill saga in the Gulf has occupied scientists, policy-makers and citizens since April 20th, making this the summer of Deepwater Horizon. It seems only fitting then, that ACS will convene a line-up of speakers and panel to discuss what we know about the science of oil spills.

On Tuesday, August 24 at the ACS Boston National Meeting there will be a full-day symposium titled “Gulf Oil Spill: Tackling the chemistry and food science implications.”

Scientists from government, academia, and non-profits will review what is already known about the impacts of past spills on marine ecosystems and economically important seafood industries. The afternoon sessions will look deeply at the science of characterizing the components of crude oil as it breaks down in the gulf. After the talks there will be plenty of time for discussion.

The symposium is being cosponsored by the ACS Committee on Science, Multidisciplinary Planning Group, and the Green Chemistry Institute. A schedule has been posted to the ACS Community Network website: https://communities.acs.org/docs/DOC-3106

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