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Cleantech: Patent, Publications, and Money

Two cleantech start-ups recently covered by C&EN have milestones to report. And another is appearing at the ACS Spring National Meeting this week.

Cellulosic ethanol firm Qteros, with technology from the UMass lab of microbiologist Susan Leschine now has a patent on its Q microbe. The microbe can break down the polysaccharides in plant cellulose into simple sugars and then ferment the sugars into ethanol. The company says this is a money and time saver, as it reduces the number of processing steps and eliminates the need for separate enzymes. C&EN recently wrote about Qteros’ new CEO John McCarthy, and his efforts to scale-up the business (subscription required).

And the New York Times DealBook blog has reported that low-carbon cement start-up Calera will get $15 million in funding from Peabody Energy, a coal company. Calera claims to have the ability to bubble CO2 emissions from power plants into high-mineral content groundwater to create a cement-like product. According to the company, the process locks in the CO2 from the power plant and also saves on CO2 emissions that would normally be used to create the cement. You can read about Calera and three other low-CO2 cement firms in C&EN (subscription required).

Out in San Francisco, agricultural biotech firm Agrivida, which is developing specialized non-food crops that can be turned into chemicals and fuels, will be presenting research at the ACS meeting. Agrivida will explain how it has developed a “platform [that] allows for expression of cell wall-hydrolyzing enzymes within a plant’s growing cell wall without the occurrence of detrimental phenotypes that may impact yield.” Basically, like Qteros, the trick is to get a head start on conversion from cellulose by picking the right biological systems. My colleague Sue Morrissey mentioned Agrivida in her story about recent ARPA-E funding awardees.

If any ACS meeting attendees have a chance to see Agrivida’s presentation, I would love to hear from you.

As much as I love San Francisco, I am writing this post from Munich, Germany, where I am preparing to visit Wacker Chemie this week. You’ll hear more about this soon.

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