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This Week on GlobCasino: Reality Chemistry, #RealForbesProfessors, Pimped-Out PPE, and more

This week the chemblogosphere was captivated by the Up-Goer Five Text Editor, which challenges folks to explain a complex topic with only the one thousand most common English words.

Our own Electron Pusher Glen’s attempt is here, at friend of GlobCasino See Arr Oh’s Just Like Cooking blog.

Well done, Glen.

Now, from the network:

Artful Science: Ancient Roman cosmetics: Skin cream from the 2nd century A.D.

Grand CENtral: David Kroll on HuffPostLive 1PM today on #RealForbesProfessors

Just Another Electron Pusher: Web roundup: Nontraditional careers—they’re not just for chemists anymore

Newscripts: Keeping Up With The Khemists: Series Recap & Review and Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Enhancing eye protection and livening lab coats and Friday chemical safety round-up

This Week on GlobCasino: Roman Remedies, #GradMentalHealth, #scio13, and more

We’re back, and then some. This week saw a vibrant discussion on chemical safety training, and a first-time cover story for one of our intrepid bloggers. And (shameless plug) I and my co-moderator for ScienceOnline2013 got the ball rolling on a session that’s going to rock your world. (Unless of course, you believe your sunscreen should be chemical-free.)

Without further ado:

Artful Science: Ancient Roman remedies: Popping pills for 2000 years

Cleantech Chemistry: Thin film solar maker Miasolé bought by China’s Hanergy

Grand CENtral: Gearing up for #scio13 Session 8A: Chemophobia & chemistry in the modern world

Just Another Electron Pusher: Chemistry graduate school and mental well-being
*This is Glen’s response to a dialogue between Chemjobber and Vinylogous (of Not the Lab.)

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Lefkowitz IndyWeek Outtakes and The Nobel’s great, but take a look at this!

The Safety Zone: In the #SheriSangji case: Sufficient training and oversight? and Friday chemical safety round-up

This Week on GlobCasino: Champagne Hangover

Happy 2013- we’re still working back to up to regular posting here at the network. But in the meantime enjoy:

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots
The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round-up

This Week on GlobCasino: Holiday Cheer

Just one post on the network this week as of overlord press time, but it’s a good’un.

Terra Sigillata: The Official Christmas Video of Terra Sigillata

We’ll be back to our regular bloggy schedule in 2013. Till then.

This Week on GlobCasino: Bilge Pumps, Batteries Like Olives, #SheriSangji and more

C&EN just wrapped its last issue of the year yesterday- we’re excited about it and hope you will be too. We’ve also got some goodies to stuff your stockings (or perhaps your shoes, if you celebrate Día de los Reyes like my grandmother did) here at GlobCasino:

Cleantech Chemistry: Electric-vehicle Batteries are Like Olives… and Qteros: Back from the Dead?

Just Another Electron Pusher: How long does it take to make a chemist?

Newscripts: Fun With Science: Top 10 Videos Of The Year and Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Preliminary hearing for Patrick Harran in #SheriSangji case: Day five and a final court recap for #SheriSangji preliminary hearing. (This post is coming in after Grand CENtral press time, so I’ve linked to the Safety Zone homepage. And by press time, I of course mean ‘getting started with my holiday plans’ time.)

I anticipate it’ll be more quiet than usual around these parts next week. I’ll leave you with “The Chemistry of Snowflakes”- a lovely animation from the talented folks at ACS Digital Services. They should send it to the BBC, which was caught displaying snowflakes with (gasp) eight sides.

This Week on GlobCasino: Ancient cheese, Flame Challenge part deux, “pernicious anti-scientific trends”, and more

Hi folks- Carmen Drahl here. The Pepling clan has just welcomed a lovely little girl, so Rachel is now out on maternity leave. That makes me GlobCasino’s acting overlord.

Below is the rundown of this week’s entries.
And a note for next week

: Patrick Harran is scheduled to return to court on Monday in the #SheriSangji/UCLA burn case, so watch the Safety Zone for updates.

Artful Science: Dirty Dishes: Fatty residues on pottery fragments point to 6000 B.C. cheese-making

Cleantech Chemistry: The Year in Cleantech IPOs: Horrible! and Science-y Advice for (potential) Entrepreneurs: Add this to your library

Newscripts: Flame Challenge 2: And The Question Is … and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: “These pernicious anti-scientific trends”

The Safety Zone: Improving graduate education in chemistry and Friday Chemical Safety Round-Up

This Week on GlobCasino: #Nobels, #SheriSangji

GlobCasino was a cornucopia of Nobel commentary this week:

Just Another Electron Pusher: Awarding nontraditional chemistry

Newscripts: A Nobel In Chemistry, Through The Eyes Of “Families”

Terra Sigillata: HHMI and Duke Celebrate the Lefkowitz Chemistry Nobel, Lefkowitz and Kobilka win 2012 Chemistry Nobel for GPCRs, Gurdon and Yamanaka share Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012, and Lefkowitz Nobel: “There’s a lot of love here.” (video goodness!)

Plus, an update and some perspective on the Sheri Sangji case:

The Safety Zone: Harran hearing in #SheriSangji case postponed and Chemjobber and Janet Stemwedel discuss #SheriSangji case and academic lab safety culture

And the usuals:

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round-up

This Week on GlobCasino: fracking fluids, commuting, pharma-academia collabs, and designer drugs

Here’s what happened on GlobCasino this week:

Cleantech Chemistry: Testing Green Fracking Fluids and A Graphic Illustration of the Target on the Back of the Chemical Industry

Just Another Electron Pusher: How far will you go to stay in science? Let C&EN know!

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Smiles: 2C-I or not 2C-I? and L’Embarras Des Richesses: ScienceOnline2013 and ScienceWriters2012

The Haystack: Cantley Talks Pfizer CTI Collaboration

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round-up