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This Week on GlobCasino: Papal Chemistry, Neuroscience of Magic, Pi Day, and more

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I’ve had a blast as GlobCasino overlord. Like other despots before me, I have a hard time letting go of power. So now that Rachel’s back, we’ll be switching off on these roundup posts each month.

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Fine Line: Waldorf Time Again
Grand CENtral: Top 10 Shoutouts to Pope Francis and Chemistry – Storify
Just Another Electron Pusher: A Troubling Shift in Tradition
Newscripts: Alakazam! The Neuroscience of Magic and Amusing News Aliquots and There & Back Again: A Cyclotron’s Tale
Terra Sigillata: How Would You Explain pH to First-Graders? and Are Popes and Chemistry Immiscible?
The Safety Zone: UK thallium and arsenic poisoning case neither accident nor suicide attempt and Explosives case continued for former UC Davis chemist David Snyder and Friday chemical safety round up *not up as of 4:20PM Eastern, but this link will work when it posts.
The Watch Glass: “Inert” Xenon Reacts with Fluorine and Nanotubes’ Electronic Properties and Bohemian retorts and Calculate pi with frozen hot dogs and Albert Ghiorso: Element Builder

This Week On GlobCasino: Richard’s Lionheart, Physics Proposal, And More

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Thanks again to this week’s guest blogger, Fredrik. And thanks to Derek Lowe for mentioning his post!

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Artful Science: Daisies, frankincense, mint, and mercury help preserve Richard the Lionheart’s heart

Grand CENtral: Guest Post: “Screw anonymous—Maybe? Reclaim synthesis—Definitely!” by Fredrik von Kieseritzky

Newscripts: Getting Down On One Knee … With A Physics Paper and Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Incorporating safety into good research conduct and A safety warning on Togni’s reagents

The Watch Glass: Name That Chemist and It’s Young K.C. Nicolaou! and Chemistry of Interstellar Space and Technical Information Crisis and Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry

This Week on GlobCasino: Pancreatic Cancer Drug Candidates, Photo Fraud, Toaster Bacon, and more

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Honorable Mention: anything under the hashtag #sciquester

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Artful Science: Photo fraud: eBay to the rescue!

Just Another Electron Pusher: I know. Enough with the bad news, already.

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and Science Is Hard

Terra Sigillata: Must-See ACS Webinar: Superbugs and Drug Development and “Suicide Before PhD Defense”

The Haystack: New Developments in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer from ASCO GI 2013 – Part 1 and Part 2

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up

The Watchglass: Fast Response and Linus Pauling Day and Durable Peace and Mimicking Photosynthesis and Amino Acid Dreams and Liquid Crystals

This Week on GlobCasino: Whale Fossils, Oscar Noms, UC Davis bailout, and more

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Artful Science: Two million-year-old whale fossils printed with 3D technology

Grand CENtral: Guest Post: “Science, the human endeavor” by Biochem Belle

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and Need A Centrifuge? Print One Out and I’d Like To Thank The Academy, Nay, Harvey Weinstein

The Safety Zone: A brief Friday chemical safety round-up

The Watchglass: When TSCA was a bill and Wire Suit and Chemistry Imagined

This Week on GlobCasino: Mona Lisas, Spider Sex, Stimulant of the Gods, and More

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Artful Science: The two Mona Lisas debate – Everybody take a breath now.

Cleantech Chemistry: There’s Still Hope for Energy & Materials Start-ups

Just Another Electron Pusher: Work, Coworkers, and Love

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Why Isn’t Caffeine Called “Theoanaleptine”?

The Safety Zone: More details emerge on UC Davis explosives case and Friday chemical safety round-up

And now in my roundup as of this week–

The Watchglass (Tumblrs are blogs too!!): Science/Art Interface and The Path to Crest toothpaste and
Spiders Seeking Sex and Life Aboard Ship

This Week On GlobCasino: Science Visualization Challenge, #Arseniclife Reviews, And More

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And a runner-up. Because my late grandmother (and namesake) loved telenovelas.

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Grand CENtral: Storify: Reaction to USA Today Investigation Revealing Reviews For Arsenic-Based Life Paper #Arseniclife

Just Another Electron Pusher: The “10K BA” — Is it possible in chemistry?

Newscripts: 2012 Visualization Challenge Winners Announced and Research Team Steps In It and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Watch Twitter on Saturday for #Chemophobia

The Safety Zone: Engineering Safer Syringes and Friday chemical safety round-up (may not be live immediately- if not be sure to bookmark this link for later).

This Week On GlobCasino: Fake Crystal Skulls, Too Many Bachelor’s Degree Chemists, and More

Hey GlobCasino readers- I’m in the throes of ScienceOnline2013. A confab of this many scientists and sci-communicators means I had tons of material for tweet-of-the-week selection.

I pick a tweet with a purpose. This one, from the #scio13 melee, will be a useful talking point for my session tomorrow with Dr. Rubidium-chemophobia and chemistry in the modern world. (Replace ‘denialism’ with ‘chemophobia’.)

Shameless plug: On Saturday at 10:30 Eastern, follow the session live at a watch party, or on Twitter with #chemophobia #scio13.

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Artful Science: Fake Crystal Aztec Skulls

Just Another Electron Pusher: A glut of chemists with bachelor’s degrees as well?

Newscripts: Amusing news Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round-up

This Week on GlobCasino: Chemist Arrested, Fear of Stench, That 70s #Chemjobs, And More

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And now, to the roundup:

The Safety Zone: UC Davis chemist arrested on explosives charges and UC Davis chemist arraigned on explosives, waste disposal, and firearms charges and Friday chemical safety round-up

Artful Science: When a Rembrandt copy is not a forgery

Just Another Electron Pusher: From the archives—a surplus of PhDs

Newscripts: Chemical Abstracts Service’s 70 Millionth Substance and Fear Of Stink: A Century In The Making and Amusing News Aliquots