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This Week on GlobCasino: @SolarImpulse, lots of #chemsafety and more

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Cleantech Chemistry: Solar Impulse: Moving solar energy from poetry to practicality and Biobased Chemicals: Some growing pains and Optimists at the BIO Show

Newscripts: In Print: Chemist Gets High On A Unicycle and Amusing News Aliquots and Unlocking Life’s Code … With a Museum Exhibit and In Print: Prince Harry Turns into a Doll and Other Misleading Headlines

The Chemical Notebook: Shale And The Safety Challenge Ahead

The Safety Zone: Fatal incidents at Louisiana’s CF Industries and Williams Cos. plants and Proposed ACS undergrad guidelines increase safety requirements

The Watchglass: Computers (1965) and chemical pesticides and bioterrorism and glazed insulating doors and rare earths in 1965


This Week on GlobCasino: Military Biofuels, Preserve it Like Beckham, and more

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Artful Science: How long should conservators protect David Beckham’s football?
Cleantech Chemistry: It’s Actually Happening: Military biofuels grants
Grand CENtral: Sarah Everts talks Artful Science at conservation meeting, Jyllian Kemsley moderated #chemsafety panel
Newscripts: In Print: Mission to Mars, Molecular Fashion and Amusing News Aliquots
The Watch Glass: Big Data, 1972-style and Bhopal Revisited and Chemical Genetics and Oil in the Oceans

This week on GlobCasino: Tacky ancients, Solar upswing, and more

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Artful Science: Was antiquity really so tacky?

Cleantech Chemistry: Never Mind All That: Solar on the upswing

Newscripts: In Print: Toys Will Be Toys and Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: Dow launches Lab Safety Academy website

The Watch Glass: Teflon: Newcomer to heat exchange and What’s That Stuff? Chicken Eggs and Texas City: Portrait of a Chemical Town and C&EN Talks With Mae Jemison and Chemist tried in Chicago riot case

This Week on GlobCasino: #Rarediseases, 80s Nostalgia, #Chemclub, and more

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Grand CENtral: Guest Post: “#Chemclub” by Andrew Bissette

Newscripts: In Print: Shall We Play A Game? and Amusing News Aliquots

The Haystack: Biotech, Pharma, & VCs Offer Rare Disease Patient Groups Some Advice

The Watch Glass: “We can now make a few milligrams of anything” and Inspection, with Mustache and Membranes in Immunology and Making of Breaking Bad

This Week on GlobCasino: #scioDC , World’s Smallest Movie, and more

I’m back for the month of May, folks.
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Cleantech Chemistry: Technology (like GMOs) and its Discontents

Grand CENtral: Talking about science online at #sciodc

Newscripts: Looking back at our time in New Orleans and In Print: Horse. It’s What’s For Dinner and “A Boy and His Atom”: The World’s Smallest Movie and Amusing News Aliquots and Flame Challenge 2: The Answers Are In

The Safety Zone: Patrick Harran ordered to stand trial in #SheriSangji case and Ripped from the pages: More on the West Fertilizer explosion in Texas and Hearing scheduled for David Snyder in UC Davis explosives case and Friday chemical safety round up

The Watch Glass: Lunar Chemical History and Acid Rain and Science at EPA and Advice to a Young Scientist

Last week on GlobCasino: #ChemMovieCarnival, #ChemSafety, and #ChemEd

Doh! Apologies for not sending the weekly roundup out on its usual Friday afternoon. Adding insult to injury, there’s no tweet of the week. I’ll try to get a double-helping for you on Friday.

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Just Another Electron Pusher: #ChemMovieCarnival – The Absent-Minded Professor

Newscripts: Chemistry of the Bar: Amaretto 101 and #ChemMovieCarnival: Dramatic Acid-Base Chemistry in Fight Club and Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Mosh Pit Simulator

Terra Sigillata: Why Chemistry Should Care About Humanities Higher Education

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up and Stony Brook chemistry incorporates lab safety into Research Day celebration and Ripped from the pages: DHS lagging on chemical security, CSB has offshore jurisdiction, and hydrofluoric acid concerns

The Watch Glass: Talking about global warming in 1989, chemical forensics trace threat agents, pheromone lures control beetles, a book review of “African American Women Chemists,” and plutonium weighing helped open the atomic age

This Week on GlobCasino: Fireworks Disposal, Not-so- Alternative Careers, and More

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When I read this I thought– Really?? Then I figured, well, why not? I haven’t had a land line since college. But I’m still wondering how big a chunk of change a phone bill really is in the grand scheme of the UC budget.

Rachel will be handling this roundup during April. Until May, chem-keteers.

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Newscripts: In Print: Europe’s Got A Stink Problem and Fashion Police: Science Shoes and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sigillata: Saturday Morning Natural Products PharmChem Radio! and Dr. Gina Stewart on Career Flexibility and Entrepreneurship

The Safety Zone: Letter on Donaldson Enterprises fatal fireworks incident and Defining chemical safety, health, hygiene, and security

The Watchglass: Kevlar Inventor Stephanie Kwolek and Behind that Chess Pic and Protein Folding and Lise Meitner and Carbonyl Attack and Radioimmunoassays take ’77 Nobel

This Week on GlobCasino: Harlem Shake, Natural gas, and more

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Cleantech Chemistry: Natural Gas and Cleantech
Newscripts: Celebrating Pi: Don’t Try This at Home and Harlem Shake ft. Tryptophan and Amusing News Aliquots
The Haystack: New Targets in Advanced Prostate Cancer
The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up
The Watchglass: Chemistry Chess and Biochemist Gerty Cori and Vitamin B-12 Synthesis and Lasers on the Upswing and Potential Anticancer Agent