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Announcing the #ChemSummer blog carnival!

First of all, a belated Happy Canada Day! And later this week, Happy Fourth of July! Oh, and Happy Bastille Day come July 14! And let’s not forget Ólavsøka (July 29). There seem to be a plethora of national days in July.

But there’s more fun to summer than fireworks-laden holidays. There are pools and cook-outs, sunscreens and bug repellants, ice cream and lemonade. And before the dog days of August hit us, let’s celebrate summer, chemistry-style. That’s right, folks. We’re hosting a #ChemSummer blog carnival.

From now until July 31, write a post about the chemistry of summer fun. Leave a link to that post in the comments here and/or post on twitter with the #ChemSummer hashtag. We’ll post link roundups at least once a week. If you’re blogless and need a vacation rental for posting, consider Grand CENtral your hostel.

Happy blogging!

This Week on GlobCasino: Caravaggio’s death, #NOS2013, and so much more

Tweet of the week:

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Artful Science: Figuring out what killed crazy Caravaggio

Newscripts: John D. Roberts: The Seattle Veteran at NOS and In Print: Chemistry Tattoos and Amusing News Aliquots

Terra Sig: Country of Discovery Periodic Table of the Elements

The Safety Zone: National Academy of Sciences lab safety culture committee meeting in Berkeley this week and New lab safety video on personal protective equipment and Next hearing for Patrick Harran in #SheriSangji case set for August

The Watch Glass: Heavy-wall pressure vessels and corned-beef scent and Fluorine chemistry (1962) and Stress in graduate school and Ten Years After Chernobyl

This Week on GlobCasino: Gribbles, #3Dprinting, and more

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Cleantech Chemistry: The Gut(microbe)less Gribble – Biofuel Hero? and IEA Looks To Fossil Fuel Industry to Control Climate Change

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and Hey, ACS, Where’s My Comic Book?

The Chemical Notebook: Why Doesn’t Radio Shack Sell 3D Printers?

The Watch Glass: Nitrogen Fixation and Systems Biology’s Clinical Future and Environmental Issues of 1976 and Crime Labs in 1967

This Week on GlobCasino: @FlameChallenge winners, #chemsafety videos and more

In honor of the upcoming season finale of Game of Thrones, I present this Tweet of the Week:

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Newscripts: Flame Challenge 2: And The Winners Are and Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Cooking With Cicadas

Terra Sigillata: Daughters and Famous Women Chemists

The Safety Zone: Lab safety video library and Friday #chemsafety roundup

The Watch Glass: Diet and Coronary Heart Disease and “Chemistry for the Many” and Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday and a heat transfer device, magnets, a 300,000-B.t.u.-per-hour burner & high-pressure/high-temperature presses and Mars

This Week on GlobCasino: #SheriSangji, China’s Solar Industry, and more

I’m out of town today, folks, so I scheduled a roundup for everything we had as of overlord press time.
Tweet of the Week:

And now, to the network:

Cleantech Chemistry: No Magic In China’s Solar Industry

Newscripts: In Print: Droplets of Rain, Strands of Honey and Amusing News Aliquots

The Safety Zone: On the importance of teaching safety and Patrick Harran arraigned on four felony counts, #SheriSangji case to be continued in June

The Watch Glass: Brain Chemistry and U.S. Prepares to Launch Sea-Air Study and Art Directors Club Selection, 1965 and Science, world politics, and human rights

Talking about science online at #sciodc

This Wednesday, May 1, ScienceOnlineDC will be holding its inaugural event.

ScienceOnlineDC is one of several local satellites of ScienceOnline, a nonprofit organization that facilitates conversations, community, and collaborations at the intersection of science and the Web. Our goal is to bring together science journalists, bloggers, federal and private research scientists, policymakers, and other science enthusiasts in the DC metro area for dynamic discussions about how science is carried out and communicated online. My co-organizers are Geoffrey Hunt of the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow Jamie Vernon, and Hannah Waters of the Smithsonian Institution.

Our first event will focus on federal agencies’ social media policies – how does government transparency influence the social media activities of scientists and communications staff? Here’s the panelist lineup:

Jamie Vernon, moderator

Gretchen Goldman, analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists (check out her post about Wednesday’s event)

Megan McVey, communications coordinator, United States Global Change Research Program

Sarah Dewitt, communications officer, NASA, Office of the Chief Scientist

John Ohab, public affairs specialist, Naval Research Laboratory

One of the hallmarks of ScienceOnline events is the unconference format. Sure, we’ve rounded up some experts to put in the front of the room, but most of the conversation will be driven by the attendees, both in person and online. Even if you can’t be there in person, chime in via the livestream and twitter (#sciodc). Should be a great discussion.

Of course, you may be wondering why I’m pitching this event to an audience of chemists, most of whom are not in the DC area. I’ll tell you why. Because it’s important for chemists to be involved in these conversations. Because many of you are already having such conversations on twitter and each other’s blogs. And some of those conversations include pondering who could be the chemist version of Neil deGrasse Tyson. But chemistry doesn’t need one

 deGrasse Tyson; it needs several. So, let’s move those discussions out of the chemistry inner circle and into Science, writ large. Chemistry is the central science, after all.

And you can start by attending any gathering with other people in your community who are interested in how science is communicated. As I said earlier, ScienceOnlineDC is only one of several satellites. Others with regular events include Seattle, Vancouver, and the Bay Area. There are SpotOn events in London and New York. Attend a local #SciTweetUp or Science Cafe. Or participate in the livestreams and twitter conversations that often accompany these events.

And if you are in DC on Wednesday, c’mon by. We’d love to have you.

UPDATE, 5/6: Doh! How could I leave out ScienceOnlineBeantown???

This Week on GlobCasino: Cinnamon #Chemophobia, #SheriSangji update and more

TWO tweets of the week to make up for none on Monday:

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Cleantech Chemistry: Solar Boom in Japan, with Battery to Match

Grand CENtral: Guest Re-post: “In defense of chemphobia” by Andrew Bissette

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: ACS Member Finds Success On ‘Jeopardy!’ And Millipedes Light Up and 19th-Century Medicine In New Orleans

Terra Sigillata: The Cinnamon Challenge: On Being Charged with #Chemophobia

The Safety Zone: Preliminary hearing for Patrick Harran in #SheriSangji case: Motion to dismiss or reduce the charges and CSB releases interim report on Chevron refinery fire

The Watch Glass: Celebrating DNA’s 60th and 21st birthdays, the state of marine drug research in 1972, long-term health effects of chemical tests on Army soldiers (1983), and Earth Day back in 1970

This Week on GlobCasino: @ChemistHulk, #acsnola drug structures, and more!

Tweet of the week:

I know, I know. There were a plethora of #ACSnola gems to choose from. But I wouldn’t want to make CHEMIST HULK angry…

To the network:

Newscripts: In Print: Science Models and CHEMIST HULK Smashes Questions, But Protects Identity and Amusing News Aliquots and Terrence Howard Isn’t A Doctor, He Just Plays One On TV

The Haystack: Liveblogging First-Time Disclosures of Drug Structures from #ACSNOLA