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Daughters and Famous Women Chemists

Earlier last month, you may have seen a beautiful set of images by Austin-based wedding and lifestyle photographer Jaime C. Moore. To celebrate the 5th birthday of her daughter Emma, Moore wrote:

Set aside the Barbie dolls and Disney princesses for just a moment and let’s show our girls the real women they can be.

Moore then had Emma do some five-year-old dressing and posing, but in character of some major female role models throughout history:

Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhardt, Coco Chanel, Helen Keller, and Jane Goodall.

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Radiochem query in the school parking lot

So, I saw this today after dropping off PharmKid at her elementary school – a great homemade car sun visor:

Natural isotopic abundance fun in the elementary school parking lot. Credit: DJ Kroll/Terra Sigillata

Do you know the answer? Actually, first things first: do you know what the question is asking?

We’ll give a little more information later. I have no idea who the teacher or parent is who has this visor – the school goes from kindergarten to 5th grade and while I think our kids are brilliant, I’m not sure they will know the answer to the question.

I’ll just say for now that this visor brought me back to my radioisotopes undergraduate class at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science where the late Dr. Grafton Chase asked us to calculate the amount of radioactivity in a cargo ship full of bananas.