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Kitchen Chemistry: Rose Jelly. Sweet!

hand washed petals used to make rose jelly

Today, we bring you a fun, educational guest post from our friend and colleague, DrRubidium, a chemist researching and teaching on the Pacific Northwest. You can follow her on Twitter at @DrRubidium – DJK.

This summer, I began experimenting with jams and jellies, whipping up sweet and savory spreads in my kitchen laboratory. Blackberry, strawberry, grape, pineapple, tomato herb… rose?

After tasting rose jelly at a local farmer’s market, I decided make it at home.

The selected rose jelly recipe was easy:

  1. Steep hand-washed rose petals in water
  2. Filter out and discard solids, retain liquid (rose extract)
  3. Add sugar to rose extract
  4. Reach rolling boil
  5. Add pectin (read about the science of pectin here)
  6. Return to rolling boil
  7. Bottle and seal jars.

This recipe doesn’t just yield jelly, it also provides a great example of acid-base chemistry.

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