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The Dog Days of #ChemSummer

Well, I have to say that the #ChemSummer blog carnival got off to a pretty slow start, so the weekly roundups didn’t really pan out. But we did manage to pick up quite a bit of steam toward the end, so I’ve put together one massive block party of posts.

Sweet Sounds of Summer:

Labsolutely: In the Summertime – Chemistry Edition

Just Like Cooking: #ChemSummer Carnival: Single-Substance Summer Song Playlist

Summer Lab Life:

The Organic Solution: #Chemsummer Carnival – Productive summer in the lab?

Dr. Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy: #ChemSummer Carnival: Chemist in a hot tin lab

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery & Molecular Design: Some reflections on computer-aided drug design (after attending CADD Gordon conference)

Makin’ Waves:

The Second Criterion: Don’t blame the chlorine, folks!

Newscripts: To Pee, Or Not To Pee? That Is The #ChemSummer Question

Playing Outside:

attheinterface: Chemistry and Cricket – An All-Time XI

Chemistry Blog: #ChemSummer Carnival – Glow Sticks: How Do They Work?

Chemjobber: #Chemsummer: The color of hydrangeas

Must Love Science: #Chemsummer – Grilling with Family

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the carnival! The compilation gnomes did their best, but let us know in the comments if we missed any entries. And enjoy the rest of your #chemsummer!