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IYC (Bi)Weekly Round-up, 4/30-5/13

Some of the IYC happenings from 4/30-5/13:

  • As David Kroll points out over at Terra Sigillata, commencement season has commenced. Plus, school’s almost out for summer. Undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs who might have a little spare time on their hands might consider entering Nature Chemistry ‘s “In Your Element” essay competition. Submission deadline: August 1.
  • Elsevier is also hosting an essay competition. Essayists are invited to address the following question in no more than 1,000 words: “How can chemistry contribute to solving the challenge of developing sustainable resources (water, energy, food) in the 21st century?“ Submission deadline: June 30.
  • ACS Publications launched its “Publishing Your Research 101” video series this week. The first video features George Whitesides on the topic, “How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research”:
  • The latest podcast in ACS’s Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions project features a new ink-like explosive detector/neutralizer.

IYC Weekly Round-up, 4/23-4/29

Here are some of the weekly happenings from this last week:

  • A profile of Mouhoussine Nacro, a chemistry professor in Burkin Faso (C&EN)
  • ACS Global Challenges-Chemistry Solutions podcast, “Developing New Materials: A greener process for a key ingredient used to make paint, diapers, and other products“
  • IYC Virtual Journal, Issue 4, on energy
  • Journal of Chemical Education’s virtual journal, “The Chemical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” (originally published in March, but revisited the social media circles this week)

IYC Weekly Round-up, 4/9-4/22

Another extended edition of the round-up this week, but offerings of video goodness abound.

But first, in honor of Earth Day, a quick look ahead: the next Cape Cod Science Cafe is next Friday, 4/29. The topic is alternative energy and sustainability, featuring Dan Nocera as the keynote speaker.

In other news:

  • The Philippines officially launched its IYC celebration with a kick-off event on Tuesday, April 12.
  • The Hindu ran a brief story about a vacation theater camp organized by the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium in Kozhikode, India. The theme of the camp? “The chemistry of theatre and the theatre in chemistry.”
  • UConn Today ran a Q&A on 4/18 with Mark Peczuh, associate professor of chemistry and chair of the ACS’s Connecticut Valley Section, entitled “Why Chemistry Matters to Everyone“. Bonus: here’s one of the video’s mentioned in the article,”Speak Simply”:

Finally, the video mother lode. Dow Chemical and The Franklin Institute released the first three videos in their “Celebrate Chemistry” series. Former ACS President Katie Hunt and TFI scientist Derrick Pitts demonstrate experiments kids can do at home. For your viewing pleasure:

IYC Weekly Round-up, 4/2-4/8

I made an egregious omission from last week’s round-up. I refer, of course, to the IYC Chemistry Dance from #ACSAnaheim:

Also on the video front, winners of the “It’s Elemental” video contest, sponsored by Dow Chemical and hosted by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, were announced yesterday. Eleven schools received grants from Dow, and all video submissions can be viewed from the contest page on CHF’s website.

IYC Weekly Round-up, 3/26-4/1

Some of the IYC happenings from last week:

  • Mediaplanet published an eight-page section called “The Business of Chemistry” (PDF link) in The Washington Post on March 30.
  • Watch Neil Da Costa’s press briefing on his ACS national meeting presentation, “Creating the Perfect Bloody Mary,” to toast IYC 2011 in proper fashion. Beer drinkers might enjoy the ACS Webinar from 3/31, “Advanced Chemistry of Beer and Brew.” If wine is more to your liking, there will be a Chemistry of Wine session in the Houston area tomorrow (4/5/11).
  • In addition to news coverage of the national meeting, Linda Wang also put together a lovely IYC-related photo essay last week.

A Sneak Peek Of C&EN’s Next Issue

Because who doesn’t enjoy a rousing round of Where’s Beaker on an April 1st that falls on a post-national meeting Friday?

Glory Be! GlobCasino is 3!

Today marks the third birthday of GlobCasino (kind of pales in comparison to my grandmother’s 86th, which is also today, but that’s neither here nor there). As a solo blog, C&ENtral Science launched on 3/28/08. Last year, we decided to revamp our singular blog into a chemistry blog network, introducing seven blogs.

GlobCasino is now home to ten blogs that focus on a few of the many facets of chemistry. We’ve also established some great connections with the other talented chemistry bloggers out there. I’m lookin’ at you, Chemjobber, ScienceGeist, and ChemBark for the chemistry jobs roundtable collaboration, specifically, but also Sharon Neufeldt, Biochem Belle, and others for their contributions as guest posters. I hope GlobCasino can continue to help foster this great little chemistry blogging community.

What I have valued most from interacting with other chemistry and science bloggers is the offline conversations I’ve had on how to make GlobCasino even better. But I also appreciate getting feedback from readers, too. Tell me a little about who you are, what you like or don’t like about GlobCasino, and/or which are your favorite blogs and why. Suggest a great topic for a blog or even what you might do differently if you were running GlobCasino. Leave your comments in the, er, comments section, or drop me a note at rpepling (at) acs (dot) org.

Overdue IYC Weekly Round-up

Sorry for missing last week, folks. To make up for it, this edition will include items from the last two weeks, 3/12-3/25:

  • Science magazine’s March 18th issue included an editorial from Harry Gray and Jay Labinger on chemistry as the “central” science.
  • The Chemical Institute of Canada’s YouTube video contest, “It’s Chemistry, Eh?,” launched in February and submissions are due by April 22. Yes, I slipped in an old item, but we weren’t up and running when the contest started…
  • Congratulations to inorganic electrochemist Lesley Yellowlees, who was elected the first female president of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Newscripts focused on commemorative chemistry stamps, including an image gallery, in the March 14th issue of C&EN.
  • World Water Day was March 22. ACS launched its Pennies for Pur Water campaign.

Stay tuned for IYC updates from the ACS national meeting in Anaheim next week.