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Last week on GlobCasino: #ChemMovieCarnival, #ChemSafety, and #ChemEd

Doh! Apologies for not sending the weekly roundup out on its usual Friday afternoon. Adding insult to injury, there’s no tweet of the week. I’ll try to get a double-helping for you on Friday.

To the network:

Just Another Electron Pusher: #ChemMovieCarnival – The Absent-Minded Professor

Newscripts: Chemistry of the Bar: Amaretto 101 and #ChemMovieCarnival: Dramatic Acid-Base Chemistry in Fight Club and Amusing News Aliquots and In Print: Mosh Pit Simulator

Terra Sigillata: Why Chemistry Should Care About Humanities Higher Education

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up and Stony Brook chemistry incorporates lab safety into Research Day celebration and Ripped from the pages: DHS lagging on chemical security, CSB has offshore jurisdiction, and hydrofluoric acid concerns

The Watch Glass: Talking about global warming in 1989, chemical forensics trace threat agents, pheromone lures control beetles, a book review of “African American Women Chemists,” and plutonium weighing helped open the atomic age

This Week on GlobCasino: @ChemistHulk, #acsnola drug structures, and more!

Tweet of the week:

I know, I know. There were a plethora of #ACSnola gems to choose from. But I wouldn’t want to make CHEMIST HULK angry…

To the network:

Newscripts: In Print: Science Models and CHEMIST HULK Smashes Questions, But Protects Identity and Amusing News Aliquots and Terrence Howard Isn’t A Doctor, He Just Plays One On TV

The Haystack: Liveblogging First-Time Disclosures of Drug Structures from #ACSNOLA

This Week on GlobCasino: #ACSNOLA picks, better beer foam, and more!

Tweet of the week:

I’m baaaaack! Many thanks to Carmen for both overlording in my absence and agreeing to co-overlord in my return. Today we’re mourning the loss of film critic Roger Ebert, but we’re also celebrating the birthday of Terra Sig owner and ubermensch, David Kroll!

To the network:

Artful Science: Gold gilding, ancient amber and a mysterious hidden sculpture: A new cultural heritage journal launches! and A brief hiatus: Onwards to Uzbekistan

Grand CENtral: C&EN Picks for ACS New Orleans #ACSNOLA

Just Another Electron Pusher: Why some women may choose not to enter STEM careers and ACS Webinar: Chemists at U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Newscripts: GZA Drops Verse (And Science) On The Schools and In Print: Chemistry Labs Sound Like Music and Four Tips for Getting the Best Beer Foam and Amusing News Aliquots

The Haystack: Liveblogging First-Time Disclosures of Drug Structures from #ACSNOLA (bookmark this link for next week)

The Safety Zone: Chemical and laboratory safety at #ACSNOLA

The Watchglass: Macromolecules at will and 1980 employment outlook and a glass bulb demonstrates critical opalescence and the state of inorganic chemistry back in ’79

This Week on GlobCasino: cheap ethanol and Gangnam-style chemistry

It’s been a quiet week here on the network, but here’s what has happened on GlobCasino:

Cleantech Chemistry: Fulcrum Promises 75 Cent Ethanol

Grand CENtral: Talkin’ About Climate Science

Newscripts: Chemistry, Gangnam Style (it was only a matter of time) and Amusing News Aliquots

On a side note, this will be my last stint with the roundup for a while, as I’m due to go out on maternity leave, oh, any day now. In my stead, the fabulous Carmen Drahl will take over the helm of Grand CENtral and keep you informed of happenings on GlobCasino.


Talkin’ About Climate Science

Over on Reactions, a blog run by the ACS Undergraduate Programs office, grad student Parker McCrary has a pretty extensive Q&A with ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri about the newly launched ACS Climate Science Toolkit.

Shakhashiri also has an essay about the toolkit in today’s issue of C&EN. In both the blog post and the ACS Comment, Shakhashiri explains that the toolkit is intended as a resource for all ACS members to help them provide a basic understanding of climate science to members of the public.

The Toolkit is out just in time for the UN Climate Change Conference that’s in full swing at Doha, Qatar.

This Week on GlobCasino: #SheriSangji prelim hearings, Holiday gift guide, chemical-free food, biofuels bonanza

It’s another two-week recapper. The Thanksgiving starch overload did me in last week, as did all of the fabulous #foodchem carnival entries. Here’s what else happened on GlobCasino:

Cleantech Chemistry: Fast Food Fight Over Biofuels, Energy Crops: the sweet and the sour, and Advanced Biofuels Makers Thankful for RFS

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots and the infamous 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Terra Sigillata: Criminal Poisoning Arrest at a Hometown Chemical Company, “Food That Doesn’t Contain Any Chemicals” – Guardian Science, and Video: Why Do Leaves Change Color?

The Safety Zone: Recaps of Days 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Patrick Harran’s preliminary hearing in the Sheri Sangji case

The #Foodchem Carnival recap

Many thanks to all who contributed delicious posts to the #foodchem carnival. Enjoy the bountiful, diverse feast the chemblogosphere has to offer.


Sweet Stuff (because there is nothing wrong with starting with dessert)

Newscripts: Easy As Pie Crust – #foodchem carnival: Beth Halford shares her family’s oil-based crust recipe.

The Finch & Pea: Pumpkin Pie: More pie! The science behind a good pie crust. (I’m eager to see a crust-off between Ben and Beth.)

Chemistry World: Food chemistry carnival – the sweet, gooey world of caramel: Phillip Broadwith’s indignation of the Great British Bake Off’s bad sugar science.

Update, 11/26: Elemental: The Chemical Cook: Deborah Blum may have been late to the carnival, but she brought some sweet words and the Derby pie. Thanks, Deb!


Seasonings & Condiments

Just Like Cooking: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and…Moringa?: Injecting a little Simon & Garfunkel into this carnival, See Arr Oh distills the healing powers of parsley, saaaaage, rosemary, and thyyyyyyyme, plus newcomer herb, moringa.

The Stoichiometric Equivalent: #Foodchem Carnival: I am most thankful for table salt this Thanksgiving: The science of salt preservation and flavoring.

It’s the Rheo Thing: Is Ketchup Really Thixotropic? And Does it Matter?: The rheology of ketchup. Why is it slow to flow in the bottle until it suddenly ends up all over your burger and fries?



Sciencegeist: #FoodChem Thanksgiving Blogging Carnival: Keeping the faith in the glory of starch, which is, to many of us, the holiest of Thanksgiving chemicals.

Organic Chemistry Tips and Techniques: The Mighty Egg-White: Need to filter fine particles from solvated compounds? Try an egg white. Bonus: Find out how to determine an egg’s age.

Lost in Scientia: The intersection of food and fuel chemistry – #foodchem carnival: Find out how much biodiesel can be produced from a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts…

Sciencegeist: Tryptophan and Sleepiness: Bonus quickie contribution from Sciencegeist. Couldn’t have a Thanksgiving-timed foodchem carnival without mentioning tryptophan, could we?



The Haystack: #FoodChem Carnival: A bit o’ science on your Thanksgiving tippling: If you’re gonna be late to the carnival, at least bring the booze. Lisa Jarvis brings the science of champagne.



The Second Criterion: Growing up with Kitchen Chemistry (and my abiding love for Harold McGee): A lovely homage to “On Food And Cooking”

Grand CENtral: Should #foodchem lovers work as food chemists? Maybe not: Guest poster Coulombic Explosion talks about growing up with and making career choices based on a love of food and chemistry.

Chemjobber: #foodchem: Secret ingredients, secret recipes: CJ discovers that perhaps the secret ingredient to carefully-guarded recipes is simply the comfort they provide.


Food of the Future

Cleantech Chemistry: Soon You’ll be Thankful for #foodchem Microbes: Microbiologists and chemists are ready to come to the rescue of cooks (and food makers) who love spices but don’t want to break the bank.

Just Another Electron Pusher: Visions of a fictional #foodchem future: Glen give us lots of video goodness from movies that imagined food of the future.

Artful Science: Star Trek Replicators, Dystopian Futures, And The #foodchem Carnival: Sarah gets a second chance at comparing note-by-note cuisine with Star Trek food replicators and shares some extra tidbits from her story in C&EN.


Honorary participants

Slate’s BrowBeat blog: Food Explainer: Why Does Steam Make Bread Light and Crusty?: Odds are good Slate didn’t intend to participate in our humble carnival. But the post topic fit so perfectly, how could we not include it?

NPR’s All Things Considered: Enjoy Thanksgiving Sprouts Without The Stink: Chemist Shirley Corriher offers tips on how to conquer the hydrogen sulfide gas of Brussels sprouts.

This Week on GlobCasino: #foodchem carnival, VapoRub searchers, election results, navel gazing

Apologies for the lack of a round-up last week. To make up for it, this edition of “This Week…” is really “These Past Two Weeks on GlobCasino.”

Lots of good stuff keeps coming in for the #FoodChem Carnival happening right now. Here’s what the CS bloggers have contributed:

Artful Science: Star Trek Replicators, Dystopian Futures, And The #foodchem Carnival

Cleantech Chemistry: Soon You’ll be Thankful for #foodchem Microbe

Grand CENtral: #Foodchem carnival: mid-point(ish) round-up and Should #foodchem lovers work as food chemists? Maybe not. (guest post)

Just Another Electron Pusher: Visions of a fictional #foodchem future

Newscripts: Easy As Pie Crust – #foodchem carnival

The Haystack: #FoodChem Carnival: A bit o’ science on your Thanksgiving tippling

And back to our normally scheduled programming:

Artful Science: A Fun Video About Photo Conservation And The History of Photo-making and The military borrows from cultural heritage science.

Cleantech Chemistry: Giant Gobs of Algae Coming From Solazyme and What the Election Means for Climate, Energy & Cleantech

Just Another Electron Pusher: Now it’s official—it’s not a pretty picture out there

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots (11/16), Navel Gazing: You Might Be Surprised By What’s Living In There, The Facebook of Chemical Elements, Amusing News Aliquots (11/8), and Announcing Flame Challenge 2

Terra Sigillata: Okay, Who’s Huffing Vicks VapoRub?, Thoughts on the “Doctoral Glut Dilemma” Webinar, Today: Solutions to the “Doctoral Glut Dilemma”, and Helping Schools Hit By Sandy

The Safety Zone: Friday chemical safety round up (11/9)