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This Year’s Model

The anticipation is over – The Next Electron Pushers have arrived!

Before I tell you more, let’s begin by acknowledging the boss work done by our predecessor, Leigh Krietsch Boerner. If this is your first visit here, do yourself a favor and read some of her past posts, like this one or this other one. Awesome stuff! Or her personal blog now that she’s moved on. She’s extremely talented, and should enjoy great success as a science writer – if not, there’s something wrong with this world.

As has been pointed out here before, this blog aims to inform people who are searching for nontraditional careers in chemistry of the options that are out there. But these days, alternative careers aren’t only on the minds of those young grad students working feverishly to finish their thesis work, defend, and go out into the big, bad world. Alternative careers are also of great interest to people like me.

I was recently “exited” from a large pharmaceutical company due to the closure of drug discovery at the site where I enjoyed a truly wonderful run of twenty-three years as a medicinal/organic chemist, reaching the level of Principal Scientist. It’s unfortunate, to be sure, and I’ve gone back and forth through the usual stages of grief, but I harbor no ill feelings. It’s just business. The pharmaceutical industry as we knew it is changing and contracting. This is certainly true in the US and EU. (No news flash there.) I’m exploring alternative careers out of personal curiosity, yes, but also perceived necessity.

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