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A brief hiatus: Onwards to Uzbekistan

Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

My apologies for a few weeks hiatus over here at Artful Science.

Last summer I got married and we are finally off on our honeymoon to Uzbekistan (aka the honeystan) where we will explore some awesome Silk Road architecture.

Given that we’ll be looking at a lot of mosaics, I thought I’d point you to this post on the conservation of tile art and the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

See you at the end of April…


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  • Apr 5th 201319:04
    by Rachel Pepling


    Have a wonderful trip, Sarah!

  • Apr 5th 201319:04
    by Carmen Drahl


    So. Jealous. I will have to do some instagramming in New Orleans as consolation. Seriously, enjoy!

  • Apr 8th 201308:04
    by Patrick Walter


    Have fun Sarah. It looks amazing. Question is can you squeeze a chemistry related post out of it on your return! :)

  • Apr 8th 201309:04
    by Sarah Everts


    Thanks folks! Just in very charming Tbilisi, nabbing some last minute wifi and espresso, en route to Urgench via Moscow…
    @Patrick I will do my best!

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