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Wedding Hiatus

Marc Chagall’s Wedding. Credit: Wikimedia commons.

Artful Science is in the middle of a two week hiatus as I prepare madly for my imminent wedding. (Yay!)

In the meantime, it seems somewhat fitting to direct you to a previous post about mysterious green stains on a WW2-era wedding dress.

Also, since my silver wedding dress makes me look pretty much like a space bride (but thankfully *not* this one), I figure a post on spacesuit conservation is also a propos.

Artful Science will be back to regularly scheduled programming in early August…


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  • Jul 24th 201218:07
    by Rachel Pepling


    Congratulations, Sarah! We’ll miss you around here during your hiatus, but I hope everything goes beautifully (and smoothly).

  • Jul 30th 201211:07
    by Curious Wavefunction



  • Aug 1st 201212:08
    by Sarah Everts


    Many thanks!

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