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American Institute of Conservation Meeting + Another AIC Conference

AIC annual meeting logo. Credit: www.conservation-us.org

Wish I could have joined the crowds of conservators who spent this week in Philadelphia at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Conservation.

I’ve been sating myself here in Berlin by checking out the AIC blog launched at the meeting called Conservators Converse, as well as video posts and tweets from attendees.

This year the conference aims “to examine how ethics, logic, and perception guide conservation decisions” given that “assumptions long held in the practice of conservation are being challenged by the modern world.”

That’s a somewhat wordy way of saying that conference sessions will broach such issues as:

-How to conserve new media/digital art?

-What’s to be done about the trend of outsourcing conservation services?

-What’s the balance between conserving a piece of cultural heritage and conserving our outside environment… That is, is it OK to use a lot of energy to protect an artifact–for example, through constant air conditioning or maintaining low-humidity conditions–if that means our outside environment suffers? More on this in a future post.

In a quirky twist, there’s another AIC 2011 conference happening in Zurich, Switzerland next

week that has both art and science components.

This second one, however, is the midterm meeting of the International Colour Association, which is abbreviated AIC. The focus of the conference is the “Interaction of Colour & Light in the Arts and Sciences.” As you imagine this is an insanely broad field. The program features talks on everything from the interaction of color and light in Turkish shadow theater to how E-books perform under different lighting.

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