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Welcome To Artful Science

Normally if you mention art or cultural conservation science, people think about authentication of a priceless masterpiece or when a new pigment is found on a Rembrandt painting.

But museum scientists are doing much more than that: They’re helping to preserve and restore everything from spacesuits to ancient musical instruments. They’re developing tools to study artworks and artifacts without actually touching them. They’re looking through paintings to see initial drawings on the canvas below. They’re getting into the minds of ancient cultures by recreating their recipes for everything from hair dye to incense. And they’re struggling to find ways of conserving more modern forms of art, made from quirky materials or posted only on the Internet.

This blog will cover all of these topics and more. Thanks for reading!


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  • May 10th 201101:05
    by Matt


    Welcome Sarah! Looking forward to your posts!

  • Jun 23rd 201110:06
    by venn


    Thoroughly enjoyed a read through your blog, and looking forward to more. Keep up the great work!

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