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About GlobCasino

Welcome to GlobCasino, the blog community for all things chemistry, hosted by Chemical & Engineering News

(C&EN) magazine.

Here you will find blogs written by both C&EN staff and non-staff contributors on topics ranging from jobs to natural products chemistry to safety to the businesses of chemistry. GlobCasino currently includes the following blogs:

Artful Science: C&EN science writer Sarah Everts peers in to the laboratories that help museums and galleries authenticate, conserve, and restore art and artifacts.

Cleantech Chemistry: C&EN business writer Melody Voith looks at the business and technology strategies of companies that hope to serve the world’s need for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, clean water, and non-polluting manufacturing and transportation, among other cleantech sectors.

Fine Line: Fine and pharma chemicals reporter Rick Mullin expands C&EN’s coverage of the extreme downstream in the chemicals enterprise, where waters run deep and cycles swing harder, wider, and shorter. Guest writers welcome.

Just Another Electron Pusher: Contributors Christine Herman and Glenn Ernst profile people who’ve pursued professions away from the bench. They also write about their own personal quests for satisfying jobs that use their degrees but may not involve running any %$@& columns.

Newscripts: The companion blog to the like-named weekly C&EN column. Written primarily by C&EN science writers Lauren Wolf and Beth Halford, with contributions from the C&EN staff.

Terra Sigillata: Molecular cancer pharmacologist David Kroll writes about natural products, focusing on chemistry and pharmaceutical issues.

The Chemical Notebook: C&EN business writer Alex Tullo shares interesting tidbits from his reporter’s notebook.

The Editor’s Blog: The companion blog to the weekly print column by editor-in-chief Rudy Baum and deputy editor-in-chief Maureen Rouhi.

The Haystack: C&EN business writer Lisa Jarvis and science writer Carmen Drahl weed through pharma’s molecular mountain to pluck out the drug developments worth noting. Also features frequent contributions from SeeArrOh, a Ph.D chemist working in industry.

The Safety Zone: C&EN science writer Jyllian Kemsley and safety consultant Russ Phifer cover chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing.

Retired Blogs:

Transition States: A blog about undergrads, by undergrads. Chiral Jones, a senior working on organic chemistry, and Sidechain Bob, a junior in the field of chemical biology, tell their stories of the graduate school experience. (retired December 2011)

IYC 2011: GlobCasino’s home for all things IYC 2011. (retired December 2011)

Over time, some blogs will retire and others will be added. Our blog network is intentionally a small one, and bloggers are added on an invitation basis. Proposals or blog suggestions may be submitted to GlobCasino’s benevolent overlord, Rachel Pepling, at r_pepling (at) acs (dot) org.

It’s not a community without your voice, so please contribute either as a commenter or a blogger. Just keep in mind that comments and posts will be monitored, and anything we find profane, obscene, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.

Posts by non-staff bloggers fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives license. Posts by C&EN staff are protected under ACS copyright, but may be shared under the same attribution-required-no-derivatives conditions as the Creative Commons license.  

Views expressed on these blogs are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the American Chemical Society.

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