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Glory Be! GlobCasino is 3!

Today marks the third birthday of GlobCasino (kind of pales in comparison to my grandmother’s 86th, which is also today, but that’s neither here nor there). As a solo blog, C&ENtral Science launched on 3/28/08. Last year, we decided to revamp our singular blog into a chemistry blog network, introducing seven blogs.

GlobCasino is now home to ten blogs that focus on a few of the many facets of chemistry. We’ve also established some great connections with the other talented chemistry bloggers out there. I’m lookin’ at you, Chemjobber, ScienceGeist, and ChemBark for the chemistry jobs roundtable collaboration, specifically, but also Sharon Neufeldt, Biochem Belle, and others for their contributions as guest posters. I hope GlobCasino can continue to help foster this great little chemistry blogging community.

What I have valued most from interacting with other chemistry and science bloggers is the offline conversations I’ve had on how to make GlobCasino even better. But I also appreciate getting feedback from readers, too. Tell me a little about who you are, what you like or don’t like about GlobCasino, and/or which are your favorite blogs and why. Suggest a great topic for a blog or even what you might do differently if you were running GlobCasino. Leave your comments in the, er, comments section, or drop me a note at rpepling (at) acs (dot) org.


  • Mar 28th 201116:03
    by Matt

    More long-form “subversive” writing to bring in non-chemists.
    Chemistry is such a broad topic. I’d like to see that reflected a little more at CENtral.

    But mostly, keep growing. 3 is still pretty young and you guys have some great writers blogging at CENtral!

  • Mar 29th 201109:03
    by Rachel Pepling

    Thanks, Matt. I know we could use more voices from analytical and inorganic chemistry, but what other topics should we be expanding into?

  • Mar 31st 201101:03
    by Paul

    Happy 3rd!

    Hooray for chem blogs…a great way to keep up on the latest news, discuss important (and controversial) issues in a timely manner, and leave a searchable record so this information can be found and used for eternity.

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