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This spring national meeting marks C&ENtral Science’s 2nd birthday. I mentioned in the blog’s introductory post that this was an experiment, and so it’s only natural that we should try something new. Welcome to the next iteration of our humble blog!

The new GlobCasino, aside from the dropped “&,” is essentially the same as the old. You’ll still find lots of great posts on lots of topics from safety to meetings news to Beaker videos. But as Rudy announced in his 3/15 editorial, we’re trying out a new format to help foster relationships around that great content and to make it easier for you to find the stuff that most captivates your interest.

We’re starting off with 7 specialized blogs:

  • Cleantech Chemistry, hosted by business writer Melody Voith, explores the science and business of the many new industries that meet at the intersection of innovation, chemistry, and sustainability.
  • Just Another Electron Pusher is hosted by outside contributor (yep, you read that right) Amado Guloy. Amado will be writing about his job searching adventures, as well as profiling chemists with nontraditional chemistry careers.
  • Newscripts is an extension of the beloved weekly column with even more quirky news nuggets plus videos, polls, and photo galleries.
  • The Chemical Notebook features interesting tidbits found in business reporter Alex Tullo’s notebook.
  • The Editor’s Blog continues to feature Rudy’s editorials (whether you love them or hate them) and will also include items from Deputy Editor-in-chief Maureen Rouhi.
  • In The Haystack Carmen Drahl and Lisa Jarvis explore both the business and science ins-and-outs of pharma. Carmen’s already busy liveblogging first disclosures of drug candidates from the national meeting.
  • Finally, The Safety Zone is the place for all things chemical safety. Jyllian Kemsley and Jeff Johnson will be tackling this important and often underserved topic.

We’re busy today putting the finishing touches on several of the blogs and the portal, but please come on in and explore!

Stay tuned for more blogs as topics and time warrant. And thanks for visiting.

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