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Baked Goods Periodic Tables

There’s not much to say about these periodic tables constructed out of cookies and cupcakes other than that they’re just plain awesome. And it’s Friday. Enjoy.

Not So Humble Pie:

Via GeekDad:


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  • [...] 1. Raindrops on roses, of course. 2. Wowing nonscientists with the Diet Coke/Mentos trick at parties. 3. @Azmanam, we never get tired of playing with liquid nitrogen either. 4. Getting a yield above 90%, repeatedly. 5. Pulling TLC spotters from pipettes. 6. The whoosh of the NMR tube cleaner. 7. Tiny volumetric flasks (1 mL)—they’re so adorable, like puppies. 8. Using downtime in the lab to ward off evil spirits (example: burning one’s Johnny Damon T-shirt in acid after the traitor joined the Yankees and broke our hearts). 9. The first fog of condensation on a rotavap’s coiled condenser. 10. The gazillion ways one can present the periodic table, from Theodore Gray’s mastery to video fun to baked goods deliciousness. [...]

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