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Livening Up The Debate In Copenhagen

Among well-dressed diplomats and thousands of journalists at the U.N. climate change meeting in Copenhagen are plenty of young activists who liven up the rather dimly lit hallways.

aliens edited

These not-so-little green men are pushing for Japan to pledge a specific amount to help developing countries address climate change.

IndyAct 1

There’s IndyAct, a group of young people from the Middle East. They want the world to know that Saudi efforts to protect and maintain the petroleum industry aren’t representative of the entire Arab world. Their campaign is Can’t Drink Oil.

These red-suited folks are among many who believe the industrialized world owes a debt to developing countries for pumping greenhouse gases into the global atmosphere for so many decades. But U.S. Special Envoy Todd Stern rejects the notion that rich countries owe climate reparations to poor ones.

Attracting a crowd every day at 6 p.m. is the Fossil of the Day award to recognize to the countries that environmentalists deem as the worst performers in the previous day’s negotiations. Handing out these booby prizes is the Climate Action Network, a coalition of about 500 non-profit groups from around the world. Click on this link to see the shows.

And of course, the animal icon of global warming is here too:

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