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2009 Holiday Gift Guide

gibberish_geekyholidayThe crew here at C&ENtral Science has once again assembled some recommendations to help your shopping this holiday season. Many of our suggestions from last year’s guide are still available as well. (Complete guide available after the jump.)

A search for “chemistry” on Etsy.com turns up all sorts of unique items from a Dewar flask stein to a chemistry book handbag to crocheted christmas methane molecules.  But three shops have lots of great chemical gifts. Anandi’s Laboratory has cool themed glass magnet sets (Coffee & Dessert, Elements of Poison, Organically Spicy, etc.) and glass pendants. Gibberish specializes in nifty periodic-table-inspired gifts, including this holiday card and necklace set. And although perennial favorite Made with Molecules just sold out of this year’s ornament, zingerone (ginger), you can still find lovely necklaces, earrings, and even phone charms there.


Think Geek is another treasure trove of chemistry-related gifts. Behold:

The Build Your Own Snowman kit:


The Molecular Gastronomy Starter kit:


Who could resist an Albert Einstein action figure?


Good Chemistry salt and pepper shakers:


Cocktail Chemistry set:


Periodic Table refrigerator magnets:


Finally, Ferrous Wheel and The Solution t-shirts:

thinkgeek_ferrous_wheel thinkgeek_the_solution

We’d be remiss to not include the They Might Be Giant’s “Here Comes Science” album that debuted this fall and includes the catchy “Meet the Elements” song.


Green chemists and stationary fans alike might appreciate receiving or sending Sheep Poo Paper Christmas cards.


For the brewers in your life, you can opt for a beer-making kit:


And for the nonalcoholic brewers in your life, there’s the brew your own root beer kit:


Freezepop groupies can show their love of the band with “Science Genius Girl” t-shirts:

Fans of What’s That Stuff? will likely also enjoy Why There’s Antifreeze In Your Toothpaste.


And this concludes this year’s edition of the gift guide. Feel free to leave your own gift ideas in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


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  • Dec 8th 200921:12
    by Cathy Bloedorn

    I am an ACS member and I love this list–I just wanted to promote my store, where I would be happy to make earrings (or necklaces) with any element you like!

  • Dec 12th 200902:12
    by Phil Broughton

    My ACS member girlfriend just told me that you found my steins. It pleases me to no end to even get mentioned.

  • Dec 12th 200917:12
    by anandi

    Hi! Thanks for featuring my magnets. As a former member of ACS and reader of C&EN, this is pretty awesome :) (I let my membership lapse since I’m no longer working in the field, unless you count making magnets and pendants.) :)

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