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Share Your Hot Flash Anecdotes

When a hot flash flares, what’s a woman to do?

She can cool herself with a fan or open a freezer door and stick her head in. She can peel off as much clothing as she can decently get away with. She can chance hormonal therapy, though her friends might give her a hard time about it. Or she can test out a folk remedy from the Internet.

With all the options out there, what’s the most creative solution you’ve come up with? What happens to you when a hot flash strikes? And what’s your most embarrassing hot flash tale?

We hope you’ll share your story with us.

In the meantime, check out my article about research into the causes of and treatments for this dreaded symptom of menopause.

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  • Dec 2nd 200909:12
    by David Bradley

    Whenever I report on menopause, its symptoms and treatment, for US outlets I always have to make a mental note to use the word flash, instead of flush. English ladies get hot flushes, not flashes, a flash is an altogether different thing over here and usually just as undesirable for the lady in question.

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