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Pre-Nobel Jitters

Neurons illuminated with GFP (cudmore/Flickr)

Every October, the leaves begin to wither, much like the dreams of so many a Nobel hopeful. Yes, it’s that time of year again- the Nobel Prizes will be announced next week, with the chemistry announcement coming at 5:45AM Eastern US time on Wednesday, October 7. And make sure your phone has a loud ringtone, chemists. You don’t want to pull a Chalfie.

Once again, Thomson Reuters, the organization behind the citation database Web of Science, has put together a set of Nobel Prize predictions. The web has already teeming with stories on picks for the prizes.

The Chem Blog’s money is on physical or analytical chemistry, and the Wall Street Journal has talked to former Laureates to pull together a few picks of their own. Meanwhile, Google technology might be yet another way to predict winnners, if it’s possible to predict winners at all these days. Lastly, Science Insider has the details on an open letter to the Nobel Foundation, which calls for expanding the Prize lineup to include more areas of research.

Here are links to Thomson’s picks from the past few years:

UPDATED: The links keep coming: Sceptical Chymist, Curious Wavefunction, In the Pipeline
Happy oddsmaking, and watch for C&EN’s Nobel coverage next week.

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