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Time For A Carnival

The more blogs we read, the more we realize that science blogging is about communicating, meeting new people (scientists, writers, and science-inclined folks) and sharing new ideas.

So we’re branching out a bit in our communication efforts. We’re proud to let you know that C&ENtral Science’s blog post, “Wisps of Metal, Whispers of History,” has been accepted into the 13th edition of “The Giant’s Shoulders“, a blog carnival. You can read the entire carnival here.

For readers who might not be familiar with what a blog carnival is, here’s a brief intro.
A blog carnival is a free online magazine of sorts. It’s hosted at one blog on a weekly or monthly basis (sometimes the same one every time, sometimes different blogs each time) and consists of links to a group of blog entries organized around a common theme. In the science blogosphere, there are carnivals dedicated to ecology, women in science, invertebrate biology, and more. But to my knowledge, blog carnivals on chemistry topics are few and far between. (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

What’s great about carnivals is that they bring together groups of bloggers with common interests. “The Giant’s Shoulders” is a carnival about classic science papers, so we thought our blog entry fit that theme. Even better, through the carnival, we’ve been introduced to a slew of interesting blogs we’d never read before.

So, go to “The Giant’s Shoulders” and read the posts in this carnival, or any of the previous 12 carnivals. This month’s entries are arranged around a tour of the 1893 World’s Fair, so as a bonus, you get to enjoy some gorgeous black-and-white photos. Learn some new science, encounter some new bloggers, and post comments on those other blogs if you’re so inclined.

If you’d like to learn more about blog carnivals, or find other good carnivals, read this excellent introduction by Coturnix (Bora Zivkovic).


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  • Jul 21st 200907:07
    by bad wolf

    This seems more like an item from Ms Drahl’s CV than a news item.

  • Jul 21st 200908:07
    by Carmen Drahl

    Announcing and linking to carnivals is common practice in the blogosphere. Sorry you disagree.

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