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ACS Nano Video Contest Redux

Now that we know what nano is, (with the help of a catchy tune and some adorably nerdy puppets, thank you very much), it’s time to think big about the very small. The folks at the ACS Publications community website for nanoscience and nanotechnology, ACS Nanotation, have announced a second video contest, this time with the theme of “How Will Nano Change The World?”

The idea is to create videos that explain how will nano help us address the challenges we face today, in areas ranging from medicine to the environment. How is nano going to impact our daily lives? What can nano do for you?

As before, keep your videos short and sweet (under 3 minutes long). Submit them to ACS Nanotation by August 9. Winners will be determined based on a combination of the highest average video rating with the greatest number of online votes. The winners will be announced at the 238th ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC. Once again, cash prizes are up for grabs, with the winner taking home $500.

Read the full rules and guidelines to learn more, and go to ACS Nanotation to watch the entries. Good luck!

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  • Jul 31st 200915:07
    by Aaron Rowe

    They should really do a still image contest. The materials research society already runs a microscopy challenge, so perhaps ACS could ask for photographs and micrographs.

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