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Vote Early, Vote Often

The voting round for the 3 Quarks Daily 2009 Science Prize starts today. You’ve likely come across the award announcement from In The Pipeline and The Chem Blog already, now go show your support for the many great chemistry blogs out there. Doesn’t even have to be this one (though any votes for the nominated “Central & Science” posts would be greatly appreciated). Voting ends at midnight (EDT) on June 8.

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  • Jun 1st 200913:06
    by Carmen Drahl

    Hear, hear! It would be great to see at least one chemistry-related blog post in the top 20 vote-getters, and even (dare we hope) the top 6 that ultimately go to Steven Pinker for final judging. Let’s make sure the slice of the blogosphere he sees isn’t entirely dominated by biology and physics.

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