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Pittcon Is On

The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy, a.k.a. Pittcon, is taking place in Chicago this week. The technical program and exposition, which includes everything under the sun to do with a lab or analytical instrumentation, are in full swing with some 15,000 people in attendance.

You would think that some gee-whiz new instrument would have attracted my attention on the first day of the show, but instead I became fascinated with Dura Flock nitrile gloves (shown).

Disposable gloves are indispensible in the lab for protecting the hands against chemicals–although they aren’t foolproof. Gloves that are comfortable and allow you to have a good feel for what you are doing are hard to come by.

Now, MicroFlex, the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in gloves,” has come out with the innovative new Dura Flock glove that is unique for being the first “flock-lined” disposible glove–the gloves have a fine layer of cotton on the inside to absorb moisture to keep hands dry (powder doesn’t always work) and improve grip. Flock-lined gloves aren’t new, but these are cost-worthy enough to be disposible. And trying them on, they feel pretty good.

A product like Dura Flock gloves normally wouldn’t make it into C&EN, but this is an interesting bit of the Pittcon sideshow that bears mentioning. Besides, as part of the marketing program, which plays on rocking in the lab with the gloves and rock-and-roll music, Microflex staff set up Guitar Hero for attendees to take a break and play as they visit the company’s booth on the Pittcon expo floor, with or without Dura Flocks protecting their hands.

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