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Student Sentenced for Making Meth

For those who’ve been following the Jason West story: West was sentenced Friday to more than five years in prison, after he pled guilty in September to charges of embezzlement and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. West admitted that, while he was a graduate student at the University of California, Merced, he stole laboratory equipment and supplies from the university and intended to use them to make meth.

The Merced Sun-Star has a video that shows one of the meth labs stocked by West. The video appears to have been made in August and some of the information presented was contradicted by Merced County Deputy District attorney Steven Slocum when I spoke with him in September. For example, laboratory tests of material prepared by West showed neither methamphetamine nor the precursor P2P.


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  • Dec 21st 200818:12
    by Lukas

    So he did not actually make any meth?

  • Dec 22nd 200801:12
    by Jyllian Kemsley

    That’s what Slocum told me. The lack of P2P or meth in samples that were tested is why the charge in the end was conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine rather than making methamphetamine.

  • Dec 22nd 200811:12
    by Chemjobber

    I think it’d be interesting (from a scientific point of view) to get a few NMRs or mass specs of what West was up to (and what he made.)

  • Dec 26th 200821:12
    by Sara Oates

    In response to this C&EN hate report directed at white males, a random female Asian chemist at Pfizer in Michigan was followed home on the freeway this past Fall by four bikers, believed to be members of the Hells Angels, driving a white pickup and forced into the concrete center divider of the freeway. Her white Toyota burst into flames upon impact and her filthy corpse was burned beyond recognition.

  • Dec 31st 200810:12
    by Jyllian Kemsley

    To our readers: We’re checking with Pfizer to see if there’s any truth to the story posted in the comment above. We suspect the story is fabricated but, given the disturbing nature of the events described, we’d like to be certain. We’ll update when we hear back from the company.

  • Jan 26th 200917:01
    by Jyllian Kemsley

    We have confirmed with Pfizer that the incident described above by Sara Oates did not happen.

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