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C&ENtral Science Gift Guide

Now that we’ve all recovered from our non-tryptophan-induced post-Thanksgiving sluggishness, it’s time to start shopping for the holidays. We here at C&ENtral Science are pleased to present our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide For The Chemist In Your Life:

Theodore Gray Elemental cards – complete with everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite element:

Check out these t-shirts from Threadless:

There are also many cool t-shirts, like this holiday snowman one, at YellowIbis.com:

Made with Molecules makes limited edition molecule ornaments each year. This year’s is menthol:

You can get glass molecule reproductions through a donation to Erowid.org:

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments:

Hungry Scientist Cookbook:

For the kitchen chemist, send something from Ferran Adria‘s Texturas line:

Elemental Hexagons Tarot cards:

Elementeo card game:

Water molecule drink container:

Mortar and pestle salt and pepper shakers:

Need more ideas?

The Chem Blog store (including a snazzy R.B. Woodward tie)

ACS store

Happy Holidays from the C&ENtral Science crew!

Hat tip to former C&EN intern Carrie Arnold for some of these suggestions.


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