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Et Tu, Stephen?

Comedy Central pundit Stephen Colbert weighed in on the soup advertising war between Progresso and Campbell’s last Monday night, and managed to poke fun at IUPAC names and the NJ Turnpike’s chemical corridor while doing it.

We at C&ENtral Science are deeply saddened by this turn of events, particularly because two C&EN reporters were recently called on for advice when staffers for Stephen’s TV show were trying to make the froth from a baking soda/vinegar volcano a bit more voluminous (check out the result after the jump). How could they betray chemistry like that when we shared the secret to a frothier volcano?


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  • Nov 20th 200816:11
    by Neil Gussman

    Carmen–You are kidding!! The good, sincere people at Comedy Central make fun of chemistry?? Hard to believe.

  • Nov 20th 200816:11
    by Mitch

    Typical liberal media bias.

  • Nov 21st 200818:11
    by Neil Gussman

    I think Colbert’s schtick is to imitate a conservative. Does that mean he is actually biased and pretending not to be? Does it mean that chemistry is inherently conservative? Does it mean that FOX news never trashes anyone or anything?

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