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Happy Birthday To Us

C&EN turns 85 this year (and we think we’re still looking good) and C&EN Online celebrates its 10th year on the Internet. A small crowd gathered yesterday to share some cake with us, to hear Rudy reminisce about the birth of C&EN Online, and to play a “How well do you know C&EN Online” quiz. (You can take the quiz for yourself by clicking on the “more…” link.)

If you get a chance, stop by C&EN’s booth on the exhibition floor to wish us a Happy Birthday and to pick up a free t-shirt. Folks sporting such C&EN fashions at the booth at 3pm today will be entered into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card or a $50 gas card.

How Well Do You Know C&EN Online?

1) Name 2 items that have been demystified in What’s That Stuff?

2) What is the name of the section on C&EN Online that evaluates the way science is presented in movies?

3) Name 1 movie that has been either reviewed or recommended on Reel Science.

4) How often does C&EN Online distribute its newsletter?

5) What is the name of C&EN’s blog?

6) When did C&EN first start blogging?

a. 2006
b. 2007
c. 2008

7) What is the name of the blog feature that rounds up interesting chemistry items from general news outlets?

a. Chemical Musings
b. Chemistry Newsbytes
c. Stuff We Didn’t Report But Is Still Interesting
d. Chemistry News You Can Use

8 ) What types of multimedia can be found on C&EN Online?

a. videos
b. photo galleries
c. audiocasts
d. videos & photo galleries
e. all of the above

9) What critter is the mascot for Critter Chemistry?

10) How long has C&EN Online been hanging around on the Web?

11) Who is Rachel Pepling? (and what does she do)?

Answers, of course, can be found at C&EN Online.

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