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Good Times in Philly

I always have mixed emotions leaving a national meeting. On the one hand, I had an absolute blast. I met interesting people, learned new things, and experienced a different city. But it’s also good to be home. Here are some of my favorite moments from the past week:

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Music: “Miranda” by Stephen Duros.

See you in Salt Lake City!


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  • Aug 25th 200811:08
    by Neil Gussman

    Linda–That’s a great summary of the ACS. I have to say some of those chemists at the end looked VERY young–and Ben Franklin still looks good at 302. Thanks–Neil

  • Aug 26th 200811:08
    by andre

    Do you think you could make it so that when you load up the blog page, the video ISN’T playing? It’s annoying to click on a webpage and have music start blaring out of your speakers without you expecting it. It will make a lot of people not come to this webpage anymore.

  • Aug 26th 200811:08
    by Linda Wang

    It’s all fixed! Thanks, Andre, for bringing that to our attention!


  • Aug 27th 200817:08
    by Ralph Nelson

    Great photos and great music, Linda. All we need to make the scene complete is some Philly cheese steaks to eat as we watch and listen. The AIChE will hold its Centennial meeting in Philadelphia in Novem(brrrr), and I have posted a link to your page from the Wilmington (DE) AIChE Section page http://www.erpt.org/wilmsect/

  • Aug 27th 200817:08
    by Linda Wang

    Thanks, Ralph!

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