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Fall Meeting Approacheth

As usual, we’ll be blogging away at the meeting in Philadelphia, so visit early and often. If you’re also in Philly next week, c’mon by the ACS Publications booth (#1327) on Monday at noon to snag some birthday cake. That’s right, we’re getting old around here, and we’re celebrating with food. C&EN turns 85, and C&EN Online turns the big 1-0. And although I certainly don’t consider meeting me an “event,” I will be at the booth most of the day (my evil twin, “Ms. Peopling”, will not be there) and would love for you to stop by, say hi, eat some cake, and tell me your thoughts about the blog and website.


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  • Aug 16th 200817:08
    by Mitch

    I’ll show up. When will my free lunch, I mean the cake arrive?

  • Aug 16th 200822:08
    by Rachel Pepling

    The festivities run from 12:00-1:00, though I’m not sure exactly what time the cake cutting will happen.

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