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Chemistry Newsbytes

clandestine-lab.jpgCalifornia chemistry graduate student steals thousands of dollars of equipment to make supermeth. Merced Sun-Star

Psychedelic psychotherapy: Hallucinogens could be the next big therapy for terminally ill patients. Guardian

Think your cousin is a Neanderthal? DNA evidence suggests that modern humans and Neanderthals are related. LA Times

Paper magazine goes high tech: The October issue of Esquire will feature an electronic cover made of E Ink. NY Times

Best to check your local zoning laws before setting up a basement lab. Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Mercury mystery in the Great Salt Lake. NY Times


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  • Aug 12th 200817:08
    by Jons

    The enterprising grad student reminds me of when I was in school… Not that i made “supermeth”, just how everyone with student loans lamented that they *could* and it was only their shaky knowledge of the criminal underworld that kept them going back for loans.

  • Jan 10th 200917:01
    by Ricardo jemio

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