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Blogger In The Press Room

mitch.jpgFor several years now both seasoned science writers trying their hand at new media and graduate students turned citizen journalists have been bringing their take on ACS meetings to the blogosphere. But until now, only bloggers working for a media outlet had been enjoying the perks of the press room.

That all changed this week, when Mitch Andre Garcia, the tech savvy UC Berkeley grad student behind Chemical Forums and Chemistry Blog, was granted access to the journalists’ inner sanctuary. Mitch says his new media credentials haven’t changed the way he navigates the meeting, although he does appreciate the press room’s free coffee and Internet access.

Charmayne Marsh of the ACS Communications Office says that the society is keen to get news from the ACS meeting to the public and that blogs are increasingly becoming a venue for science journalism. Bloggers who’d like to get credentials to the press room in Salt Lake City will be able to apply via the National Meeting Press Center, which goes online before the meeting.

Just having some real estate in cyberspace won’t automatically get you a press badge, though. Charmayne says that before giving Mitch the stamp of approval, she had a look at the type of posts he writes and had a few e-mail exchanges with him. She says she found him to be extremely professional.


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  • Aug 22nd 2008 • 19:08
    by Aaron Rowe

    Mitch has become a tremendously important voice in chemistry through his blog, and I expect even bigger things from him in the future. I hope that he and other graduate student and postdoc bloggers will be asked to contribute to CE&N. As non-journalists, they have a tremendously fresh and fascinating perspective.

  • Aug 23rd 2008 • 13:08
    by psi*psi

    This is a great idea! It’s nice to see bloggers get a little recognition. (Though I hardly fall into the “extremely professional” category on CBC, so probably no press cred for me.)

  • Aug 23rd 2008 • 21:08
    by The Chemist

    Indeed, Garcia’s site was a Godsend for me. I recommend chemical forums to all my classmates in chemistry. I check the blog almost every day, and am always interested to see what’s going on.

  • Aug 24th 2008 • 10:08
    by Bethany Halford

    Don’t sell yourself short, psi*psi. CBC is good blog, and as Aaron points out, you bring a fresh perspective to these meetings. You should definitely try for press cred the next time you go to an ACS meeting.

  • Aug 25th 2008 • 09:08
    by Carmen Drahl

    Agreed, and ditto for excimer and the other blog regulars. Incidentally, nice photo, Beth. You can see the free coffee in the background.

  • Aug 25th 2008 • 16:08
    by The Chemist

    Incidentally, nice photo, Beth. You can see the free coffee in the background.

    Indeed, where there is coffee, there are chemists. Unless it’s decaf.

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