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Take Your Kid To Work Day

Have you noticed today that some of your coworkers are shorter than usual? Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and kids all over the country are heading off to work with Mom and Dad.

So what are the children of C&EN and ACS staff up to today? Writing science concentrates? Checking over Rudy’s editorial? Reviewing PRF grant applications?

Of course not. The lucky kids at ACS are doing chemistry experiments. This year, they’re studying acids and bases by testing solutions of citric acid and sodium carbonate with a universal indicator called “Rainbow Acid.” (Anybody know what this stuff is? The MSDS sheet just says it’s “a proprietary mixture of acid-base indicators.”)

Ten-year-old Sabrina Carrillo, daughter of C&EN Online’s Luis Carrillo (that’s them on the left in the picture below), tells C&ENtral Science, “It was awesome doing all the experiments. It’s fun to learn about science.” Sabrina says she’s even thinking about becoming a scientist when she grows up. Or a lawyer.

So, what are the kids up to at your workplace?

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