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Professor Of Corn?

It’s a common complaint that “there’s nothing good on TV”. Last night I was clicking through the channels–it was already 10 PM–when I came across a PBS Independent Lens film called “King Corn.”

The movie is about two young guys who drive to Iowa to learn about growing corn in the industrial farm age. I was already intrigued and was deciding whether to stay up and watch when I noticed that the filmmakers were interviewing my college chemistry professor. Steven A. Macko studies isotopes. And he can tell you what your diet consists of by analyzing your hair. “That’s my chemistry professor!” I yelled. “He analyzed my hair!”

Turns out, as “King Corn” illustrates in great and fascinating detail, that most Americans eat so much industry-grade corn in our processed food, soft drinks, and meat, that we are literally made out of corn.

If Steve analyzed your hair, what would he find? Keep in mind that he’s analyzed the diets of dinosaurs and ancient mummies with isotopic analysis. If you’ve been drinking too much Classic Coke, he’ll be able to tell.

You may still have a chance to see the film on your local PBS station. Check it out!


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  • Apr 16th 200816:04
    by selenized

    Its also making the circuit of local movie theaters. Which is nice for those of us who don’t live in the USA and thus may not have access to PBS (I don’t have cable, so no PBS, boo!). I’m planning on seeing it next weekend when it plays at the theater here.

  • Apr 17th 200807:04
    by rob

    The King corn website – http://www.kingcorn.net/ – has a list of screenings

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