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Welcome to C&ENtral Science, our grand experiment with a permanent blog. We’ve got our safety glasses on, and we’ll try not to blow up anything. You may already know that C&EN has been blogging for a few years now, but on an ephemeral basis—mainly for national meetings and other noteworthy items such as CHEMRAWN and biofuels research in Brazil. But the time has come for something permanent, something that you can always come back to and continue the conversation with us.

And now, a brief tour of things to come:

  • ACS national meeting coverage as you know and love.
  • Interesting and timely tidbits that confirm chemistry is, indeed, everywhere, from the dentist’s office to other news outlets.
  • Items about chemistry and food–because they go together like milk and cookies, like protons and electrons.
  • Comment on the weekly editorial. Rudy says he’ll respond; just play nice.
  • Discussions on other articles of interest from the print edition, like our Point/Counterpoints, Insights, etc.
  • Posts from staff as they travel the globe in search of news from the chemical world.

Also, Carmen Drahl of “She Blinded Me With Science” fame is back in the blogosphere.
And if you have suggestions or comments about the blog, feel free to send them my way at r_pepling at acs dot org.

In the words of C&EN’s fearless Editor-in-chief: Thanks for reading.

Rachel Pepling
Online Editor, C&EN


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  • Apr 1st 200802:04
    by Egon Willighagen

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I hope you can manage to keep the blog personal; that it does not end up a pipeline where just articles get announced, but where you can make links to things outside C&EN. I have just added the blog to Chemical blogspace.

  • Apr 1st 200806:04
    by Martin Lersch

    Welcome! I’m intrigued by that fact that you will write about food and chemistry and I look forward to see what perspectives you will take and what kind of news stories you will bring.

  • Apr 1st 200818:04
    by Great Molecular Crapshoot

    Welcome and thank you for including The Crapshoot on your blogroll. Please try to be open, inclusive, provocative and sceptical (according to the Law of Boyle) and remember that ‘sacred cows make great hamburger’.

  • Apr 2nd 200816:04
    by deelowknee

    Scared cows also make great hamburgers! Best of luck on your new adventure. See you at the national meeting!

  • Apr 7th 200811:04
    by Beth Robinson

    Might I suggest you put in a Feedburner feed for this blog. C&EN already uses them for the News blog and NanoFocus. They’re so much more intuitive than the http://globcasino.com/feed that is currently set up. You might also want to add the feed address to the RSS Feeds page at http://pubs.acs.org/cen/email/alerts.html since your “about” section points to it.

    I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to seeing how the blogging goes.

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